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aniBABEL_av (Collage21) - Luis Carlos Rodríguez (ESP) - 04:31

The public domain allows us to recreate unforgettable scenes, both visually and narratively. In AniBabel_av (collage21) we investigate how several scenes are related at the same time and different spaces / times intersect: generating one and a thousand new stories and a multiple audiovisual reality.

Dark Myriad 0 - Eta Dahlia (UK) – 04:40

Dark Myriad 0 (Тьма Тем 0) is a videopoem that aims to create a new type of poetic language, integrating spoken word with moving image to develop a non-illustrative style. In this piece a dance performance and neon body paint combined to form a canvas on which the videopoem develops by intertwining the various elements of its composition.

BOOKANIMA: Dance - Shon Kim (KOR) - 07:31

BOOKANIMA, a compound word of ‘Book’ and ‘Anima’, is Experimental Animation project to give book new cinematic life. It aims ‘Book Cinema’ in the third scope between Book and Cinema by Chronophotography Animation, paying homage for Edward Muybridge and Entienne Jules-Marey. It creates experimental locomotion of Dance along with its stream: Ballet-Korean dance-Modern dance-Jazz dance-Aerial Silk-Tap dance-Aerobic-Disco-Break dance-Hip hop-Social dance.

Sorrow Halved - Hogan Seidel, Gabby Sumney (USA) - 07:00

For one year, the artists took the same strip of film and passed it back and forth each month–no restrictions on how to interact with the strip or limitations on materials. They were simply responding to each other through gestures.

The Bellbird's Morning Song - Damon Mohl (USA) - 10:30

A geographical ghost story.

The Library of Water - Damon Mohl (USA) – 09:07

A day in the life of a librarian in a flooded library.

Col solo guardar fuori - Mattia Biondi (ITA) - 03:10

It's unknown how many green is buried under this green, neither how many
light under this light. I have lost the trace, I have gone too far, still staying here.
It is the full and the empty of the head-land.

SECRETS - Hillary Carrigan (USA) - 03:00

SECRETS explores paranoia, fear, and anxiety. Viewers are led to consider biological and emotional turmoil through layered sounds and images. Created by Skyler Hagner (USA) and Hillary Carrigan (USA).

Shapes and Sizes - Pamela Falkenberg, Jack Cochran (USA) - 05:59

Pam Falkenberg and Jack Cochran’s Shapes & Sizes is an unsettling visual and aural critique of American car culture and its disregard for the environment worthy of Jean Baudrillard.

Murmur - Jan Locus, Stijn Demeulenaere (BEL) - 10:21

In the early morning, nature awakens to the sounds of the city, urban bustle and birdsong merge into an unfamiliar murmur.

[SELF]INSERTIONS - THE END - Nuno Sá Pessoa, Jose Cruzio (POR) - 01:00

The self – as the deepest representation of itself – and its intense desire to permeate in the
expression and language of the Other, blazes the project [self] Insertions, as another untimely

Kopacabana - Marcos Bonisson, Khalil Charif (BRA) - 13:33

Experimental work set in the neighborhood of Copacabana, elaborated through a collage of current and archive images, narrated by the poet Fausto Fawcet and sonorized by the musician Arnaldo Brandão.

 Minimal Movement N°1 - Pia Josefina Giri (ARG) - 01:10

Video consisting of three portraits projected simultaneously. The piece experiments with the destruction and reconstruction of visual supports and therefore with the image in it. This visual experiment concludes as dynamic deconstruction of individuality and identity.

The medium is the message - Kirk Tougas (CAN) - 04:20

An age of numerology

    communication : numbers

 digits : representation

    algorithms : codecs

 compression : bitrot : memory

    what message?  

Ghost Light - Mark Niskanen , Jani-Matti Salo, Inkeri Aula (FIN) - 06:10

Ghost Light is an installation, in which observations of interconnectedness of species are shared through the undulating light on an empty theatre stage.

In/Out - Tristan Turner, David Bortolotto (USA) - 03:18

In/Out is a cyclone of colors. A stop motion experimental video art project with sound produced entirely from the images by method of coding mp4 to mp3.

Pulsator - Thor Sivertsen (NOR) - 05.15

Pulsator is a moving abstract painting. Organic and geometric shapes drifting and making constantly new pictures. 

Q di Q - Gianmarco Donaggio (ITA) - 02:59

A representation of quarantine time divided in three chapters: temporality, presence, and being.

Area by Road - Jack Wormell (UK) - 08:45

A camera intimately examines detritus and weeds that decorate a maltreated space by the side of the road. It doesn’t pass judgement on the pollution, but just acknowledges its troubling beauty.

Auditorium Pull - David Borawski (USA) - 02:16

This series was created during the lockdown due to the covid-19 pandemic. stuck inside, i explored the spaces which i have taken for granted for many years, with a entirely new perspective.

Medusa and The Abyss - Felicity Palma (USA) - 10:56

Notions of belonging and the ethics of travel are questioned through female rite and ritual, pointing at the pervasive and contradictory presence of history and myth in present-day Sicily.

Vegetables & Housing - Günter Puller (AUT) - 04:52

Vegetables & Housing is an animated opera by Günter Puller, who also composed the music and sang all the voices. The fact that the text is sung lends the film a fragile poetic dimension that stands against a deadlocked rhetoric of discourses and attitudes.




culture leap (non-linear) - Roger Horn (RSA) - 02:35

The primacy of culture. Culture over race.
"culture leap (non-linear)" is composed of found home movies from South Africa and discarded16mm film from the anthropology department at the University of Cape Town, salvaged by filmmaker Roger Horn while completing his PhD in Anthropology

Our Great Day 1967 - Roger Horn (RSA) - 02:53

Comprised of found footage from apartheid era South Africa, Our Great Day 1967, imagines what a day would look like if black and colored South Africans had the same rights and privileges afforded to white citizens of the time. Audio was recorded on a formerly segregated beach in Cape Town. 

Run version vertical - Stuart Pound (UK) - 5:00

The source clip is taken from a cult science fiction film where the world is literally turned on its head.
The audio track is cut along with the moving image and superimposed 5 times reverberating speech and effects tracks.

Widow's End - Jil Guyon (USA) - 04:44

Set against the backdrop of an Icelandic rock quarry, Widow’s End depicts a woman caught in an inhospitable landscape—eliciting a visual tableaux both beautiful and horrific in its invocation of loss.

Plantarians: appendix - Ellie Kyungran Heo (UK) - 03:38

Why is it that we place a plant in a pot, confining its ability to grow and occupy physical

True Love - Stefani Byrd (USA) - 04:46

A visual tone poem inspired by the beautiful, but potentially tragic, mating ritual of the
American Bald Eagle.

Recitative - Shir Handelsman (IZR) - 05:00

An opera singer stands on a lifted platform, singing a Martyr's wish for redemption. A counterpoint between the human voice and mechanical sounds of machinery moving up and down. The music, taken from one of J.S Bach's cantatas, is the Recitative Movement which describes the ascension of Christ and expresses the desire to become one with god. 

Trouble - Camille Pueyo (FRA) – 02:39

The film "Trouble" addresses the theme of the mental illness experienced by a woman. The sober narrative contrasts with the saturation of the images that testify to the intensity of this experience.





Haiku - Martin Gerigk (GER) - 17:17

“Haiku | 俳句” is a symphonic audiovisual project for two Japanese performers, alternating percussion groups, soundscapes and rhythmicized video sequences. The film is an experimental approach to pay tribute to the beauty of Japan and the extraordinary art of Japanese haiku poetry of the 15th to early 20th century. 

The Flying Steering Wheel - Ruxandra Mitache (ROM) - 30:34

Initiatory journey, which has as a dreamlike landscape, translated from a directed perspective, between real and surreal.

The floating track - Zazpi t'erdi collective (ESP) - 25:00

A science non-fiction film crossed by radio waves and conversations by radio-amateurs who speak as they look at the sky.

Upright Drum In Water - Pieter Geenen (BEL) - 18:42

Repeatedly capturing the ahuehuete tree 'El Sargento' in Mexico City from the same angle at the same time of day with different types of cameras and lenses intertwines the personal memory with the memory and identity of a nation.   

Undersyn (Vision Of Wonder) - Aleksander Johan Andreassen (NOR) - 17:20

In Undersyn (Vision of wonder) Aleksander Johan Andreassen presents a fictional and subjective portrait of his father who is struggling with a visual deficit. 

Black&White - Eluned Zoe Aiano (CZ) - 19:11

Nurses and Nazis, syphilis and seduction: this experimental short delves into a scandalous urban legend from World War Two Czechoslovakia, deconstructing the ways stories about women are generally told and how they affect our unconscious perceptions.

Elephant-bird – Masoud Soheili (AFG, IRN) - 15:30

A mini-bus is on a journey across the mountains to Kabul. Each person on the bus has a reason to take this journey. An old man is traveling to give a turkey to his grandchild, as his last wish before dying. However, the main road is blocked by insurgents. They decide to use an alternative road, which is not very secure, and there is still the possibility of getting caught by insurgents.

#monalisa - Jennifer Anderson & Vernon Lott (USA) – 663:03

Each year, approximately ten million people visit the Louvre, and according to Henri Loyrette, the Louvre's former director, “eighty percent of the people only want to see the Mona Lisa.” But how many people actually look at the famous painting? Or do they just take a selfie? "#monalisa" is an interrogation of the relationship between art and technology.

Reflections on The Stronger Experiment - Adriana Páramo Pérez (ES/UK) - 12:08

„In The Stronger Experiment I put together three teams of director-actress working together
on developing a character for a short film adaptation of the A. Strindberg play The Stronger
(1889). I followed them and filmed their rehearsals and on the day of the shoot to see how
the same text would come across differently depending on the creative process of the
actress and to explore how those characters they created would or would not challenge
patriarchal stereotypes.“

Tomorrow I will get back to world - Moe Myat May Zarchi (MYA) – 22:21

Screen recordings of a person exchanging visual conversations with 9 other artists in a day through zoom video chats during the transitional period of the new normal.




Reticence - Marija Lučić - 02:56

Reticence (2020) is a short poetic film about transiency made at a cinematography workshop mentored by Fred Kelemen and organized by Kino Klub Split. The spoken text in the film is an adaptation of Daniil Kharm's poetry.

Home - Lea Vidaković - 10:00

HOME is an art video recorded inside a fragmented miniature space of a diorama. In the video, this space appears as a compact and idyllic whole with a breath of warmth and coziness of a sunshine-flooded home. However, in reality, this is a cluster of small, broken, dissected walls and facades alike those that the artist uses in her animated puppet films.

Let's Feel an Earthquake  - Dario Pejić - 36:48

An excursion in Sicily with a rented car turned into a confrontation with natural disasters. The events are narrated here with a typewriter, based on their retrospective perception.


Anger - Goran Pavić - 03:13

The main goal of this video is to show personal emotional state as artistic accomplishment of the social circumstances of the time I live in. This is how I mark it and portrait it.

An apple, three toasts, a yoghurt - Anita Čeko - 08:12

An apple, three slices of dry toast, a yoghurt, and an athletic track from the director's old diary entries evoke in her memories of some important moments.  


Cro-vid - Julio Juraga - 06:25

A day of a lonely young man during self-isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.


Wendy The Builder - Maja Stojić - 02:35

Through this video installation artist Maja Stojić uses a single window frame for construction of a whole new building. A single face, that of young actress Marija Marković, offers a variety of different contents and different characters in window frames

Eks tok (Ex talk) - Boris Omazić - 09:57

Born alone, dies alone, exists only in a relations: Human. His search for truth is perhaps, the only native reality non biologically given.



STUCK: Together, Alone - Ruthie Scarpino, Karla Franco (GER) - 04:30

Stuck: Together, Alone was born out of necessity and isolation. The Covid-19 quarantine presented particular difficulties for artists who work in ensemble.

Picturing a Micropolis: 96100-97690 - Panu Johansson (FIN) - 10:48

A city symphony about Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland. During the film all the captured details: images, memories and seasons, are swarmed to the viewers retina as an intense kinetic stream.

Shanzai Sonata - Igor Sladoljev (NED) - 11:00

Shanzhai sonata depicts an imminent future where our behavioural patterns and datasets they produce become an integral facet of the post-work society. A benefit or a hazard, who is to say?

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