GRID - Alexandre Alagôa (POR) - 14:00

A ritual of grids, reflections and chasms; a complete state of entropy; a space that devours itself; a vertigo that destroys the gravity of the Earth; a trap that captures us inside the voids of the screen of light: «That blank arena wherein converge at once the hundred spaces» (Hollis Frampton).

The wall - Tseng Yu Chin (TAIW) - 9:57

This is a nine single-channel video work that utilizes four-foot-tall giant wooden pieces in the same space, which are staggered in the exhibition space, projecting huge images while sound reverberates in the space. The sounds in this work were recorded during the 2014 student movementdemonstration in Taiwan. The overlap of sounds from near and far creates a state of physical closeness and alienation.

Sliced in Three - Raphaël Zyss, Alice Wade (UK) - 7:01

Three people meet at the corner of the street. They live, love and dance. But who are they and what exactly are they living? A video and photographic introspection into the odd, dream-like experience of the three protagonists.

In Ictu Oculi - Jorge Moneo Quintana (ESP) - 15:00

Seven centuries made of stone are torn down on a single moon. Thus passes the glory of the world, in the blink of an eye.

Masters of the Land - Jan Locus (BEL) - 14:00

The rise of mining and climate change have led to vast desertification in Mongolia, according to Mongolian shamanistic belief violation of nature by men provokes the anger of the ruling spirits or the ‘masters of the land’.

Ghost Dance - Emilia Izquierdo (UK) – 05:00

Using as base the 1894 filming of the Sioux American Indians dancing the ‘Ghost Dance’ the piece explores dance as protest, dance as a form of resistance against injustice and the imposition of foreign powers. Using hand drawn animation and archival footage of the Sioux together with footage from protest dances in other locations such as Gaza , South Africa, Peru, Jerusalem, Armenia among others. Sound concept inspired by Vicente Huidobro.

Fixing a hole - Pierre Ajavon (FRA) - 03:10

By trying to fix a hole to stop our mind from wandering to the other side ... “This three-minute powerhouse of a ‘visual installation’, teleports the viewer to a realm that is simply out of this world. Pierre employs the use of visuals from his lunar explorations on film and marries them to an electronic score using original sound recordings from the lunar landscape".

Semiotics of the City - Daniel Burkhardt (GER) - 04:02

The city is not. Not because of a hypothetical,
physical absence — the city is well present — but
because it escapes naming.
        (Johannes Binotto and Andri Gerber)

But the spasm is Chaosmic, Suite op.9 - Lydia Miligkou (GRE) - 07:25

But the spasm is chaosmic, Suite op.9 is a collection of moments from films when the camera pauses in front of the character as they breathe, a Suite of inaudible voices.

The Creative Act - Miguel Rozas (BEL) - 05:12

E.U Summit, Brussels, Journalists get ready to inform millions of TV viewers. Through Marcel Duchamp’s voice, we build a link between the creative act and the moments in which these images of “reality” are fabricated, placing them back in their human (too human) context.

Mars Côté Nord (Mars North Side) - Eleonor Gilbert (FRA) - 06:38

Crossing this month of March was a bit like facing the North face of our loneliness. When everything becomes danger, the intercom, our fingers…when the outside is a threat and the inside a prison without outside, are there still spaces, interstices to hold on to?

Collage 37 - Luis Carlos Rodríguez (ESP) - 07:00

Audiovisual intervention on the film in the public domain: DEMENTIA (Daugther of Horror) by John Parker (1955).

Children of the Soil - Judhajit Bagchi & Ranadeep Bhattacharyya (IND) - 05:05

Sculptures made of soil collected from the barren fields of farmers who have committed suicide, are used to document the plight of Indian farmers in recent times, from glory to misery at the iron hand of urban industrialisation.

Kajenje ubija. (Smoking kills.) - Jerca Oblak (SLO) - 08:59

Smoking kills. (»Kajenje ubija.«) is a short film about a writer who finds inspiration for her writing in the cigarette boxes. Film explores our creative process, the process from the first association to the final creation.

Back in the Island - Amande Valle (DOM REP) - 04:13

Back in Island is a short film exploring the creative journey of artist Amanda Valle as she returns to her home in the Dominican Republic. A journey of self discovery, the short film became the main source of inspiration for the artist’s new series composed of twelve paintings.

We Are Ready Now - Jack Thomson (UK) - 01:39

Bodies navigate and self organise as they run alone but dance together.The competitive landscape is overwhelmed by public and personal spaces. Actions act as the only markers in time, as they are reduced to noticeable and forgettable images. Where are we in this moment? Individuals unknowingly connected through unseen templates of social dynamic, captured in the container of the now.

fluxus - Reinhard Hoelker (GER) – 00:54

"Fluxus is explained by a flowing transition between art and life. It's not about isolating art from life. In this video, a young man is thrown onto a bridge as if by magic, trying to find support. This seems difficult as perspectives change. The uncontrolled balancing act is supported by the sounds of space."

Ben - Teresa Sala, Ilaria Vergani Bassi, Gabriel Beddoes, Mattia Parisotto (ITA) - 08:22

A representation of quarantine time divided in three chapters: temporality, presence, and being.




Prossimo - Emanuele Dainotti (ITA) - 04:20

May 2020, Limburg (Belgium). A peasant family is vaccinating their animals.

Dehumanized - Louis Brückner (GER) - 00:47

"Dehumanized" is an experimental short film, in which the peace of the dead in a military cemetery is disturbed with loud war noises. The camera itself becomes a weapon.
"The truth of war in a nutshell. Without words, but everything is said." Holger Janke, Pastor

imagine you are falling. but there is no ground - Celia Viada Caso (ESP) - 06:50

What if we are living in an imperceptible free fall?

Topografije vremena (Topography of Time) - Ivan Jamić, Vita Jončić (CRO) - 03:24

Topography of Time is a single-channel video installation that deals with the relationship between the permanence of deep time and the present. Taking karst relief as a starting point for artistic research, the authors create a meditative space composed of traces of the transformation of the Earth.



Desert Lights - Félix Blume (MEX) - 29:58

Strange lights appear at night in the Mexican desert. The residents tell us what they’ve seen. This suspenseful film invites us to open our eyes wide in the twilight, and listen to the sounds hidden in the darkness.

gong batu - Shouichi Iwamoto (JAP) - 46:16

Gong batu means "sound of stone”.This project recorded many soundscapes of Kitagi Island, which was famous as stone industry.When confronting the world, do you have the power to actively listen with your supple ears?This is a way of life.

Topsy Turvy: The Grand Tour - Alison Goodyear (UK) - 21:52

The moving image film ‘Topsy Turvy: The Grand Tour’ is made by filming ‘Topsy Turvy’ (2020) an abstract virtual reality painting of two parts. It takes the viewer on a journey into its many layers, through the 'landscape' of the work, echoing Diderot's salon text (arguably VR presentient) 'Promenade Vernet' (1767).

Lights Out - Kaitlyn Jo Smith (USA) - 45:00

Lights Out renders a deep fake for each factory worker who lost their job in the USA’s 2008 recession. Factory workers found on facebook taught machine learning to generate deep fakes.




Moongroom - Andrea Resner - 07:42

Poetic dreamscape of a young woman finding her moongroom.

You told me to wait... - Lucija Krizman - 01:55

A constant flow of whys and how’s followed by the material game in search of a higher and hidden self. A stream of various thoughts followed by their echoes…

INNOCENCE, LONELINESS, AGGRESSION | A Cosmic Triptych - Dejan Gotić - 09:19

Three planets. Three events. Three states of mind. I do not know where, and I do not know when...

Martin Torpedo - Toni Jelenić - 12:44

If you carefully watch the shed on the waterfront, you might see a homeless man smiling, surrounded by his toys. Smiling and smoking.

This could be our last - Marija Lučić - 02:23

If it seems like there's no end to your problem...there is...but another awaits.
If you feel like there's no end to your struggle.. you are probably right.


                                                    Do Computers Dreams?
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